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Romantic music

Here you are the activities for this unit with their related videos. Let's work and remember, good comments are awarded with gold stars  ;-)

I also hope you enjoy the music.

Activity 2.- With the help of the information above and these two listenings, fill in the chart below: 

A) Beethoven Moonlight sonata (First movement)

B) Beethoven’s 5th symphony (First movement)

Activity 6.- Compare these pieces of music writing the adjectives that best suit them:

A) Franz Liszt - Mephisto Waltz:

B) Frédéric Chopin -Nocturne:

C) Robert Schumann - Rêverie:

Activity 7.- Listen to Asturias by Isaac Albeniz both for piano and guitar and say which version you prefer. Listen to Andaluza by Enrique Granados.
A) Do you think they have a Spanish character? Why? B) How can you describe them?

Activity 9.- Analyze two of these symphonic poems with the information from the following pages.

Dukas: The sorcerer’s apprentice

Grieg: Peer Gynt

Smetana: The Moldau (from the work Ma Vlast: My land)

Rimsky Korsakov: Sheherazade

Activity 10.- The lied Erlkönig (The king of the elves) describes the galloping of the horse in the stormy night. The poem is by Goethe. Explain how the music describes the text:

Activity 11.- Explain two of the excerpts with the help of the information from the following pages: What the opera is about, its language and what is happening in the excerpt. The name of the character/s and the type/s of voice/s that appear in that excerpt.

- Verdi: The toast from La Traviata

- Verdi: La donna e mobile from Rigoletto (Sung by Luciano Pavarotti)

- Puccini: Nessum dorma from Turandot (Sung by Placido Domingo)

- Puccini: O mio babbino caro from Gianni Schichi (Sung by Anne Netrebko)

- Bizet: L’amour est un oiseau rebelle from Carmen. (Sung by Teresa Berganza)

- Wagner: Ride of the Walkyries from Die Walküre

- Chueca: Tango de la Menegilda from La Gran Vía

- Bretón: ¿Dónde vas con mantón de Manila? from La verbena de la Paloma

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